• An essential part of the overall company’s management is the management of the lives of the company’s personnel, client third party and the company/client and third party’s equipment or facility
  • To ensure effectiveness in this management, the company as a matter of policy, takes responsibility for security in all our work sites and premises
  • In furtherance of this, the company shall employ trained(unarmed) security officers where need be
  • In addition, the services of licensed and professional security organizations shall be secured on retainership basis to boost the overall company security system
  • However, local security men from the community where we operate will also be engaged.
  • Armed security agencies such as mobile police, air force, army or navy shall not be used in any of our work sites. They shall however be invited in riot situations, which are out of the control of the Nigerian Police force.
  • All operations of DEUTCH shall be planned and executed in such a manner as to minimize any adverse effect or impact on the environment in which we operate.
  • The trust of the planning and execution of our work shall be collected, handled, treated and disposed off in an environmentally friendly manner.
  • Discharge into air or water bodies of any form of pollutants is forbidden
  • All regulations/legislations on environmental issues by the government of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and its appropriate agencies such as Federal Environmental Protection Agency (FEPA) is binding on DEUTCH as we hold the belief that the environment belongs to us all
  • It is the policy of DEUTCH to provide all relevant and high quality PPE for all persons engaged in her operations.
  • Continually the management shall enforce the effective use and maintenance of available PPE that entails regular condition audits and replacement of defective ones.
  • Site CASHES Officer and Supervisor shall continue to monitor compliance with this policy

In order to pursue mutual relations with host communities, DEUTCH shall:

  • Establish and maintain close relationship with all segments of the local population to better understand their concerns, needs and aspirations.
  • Continuously assess and abate the social and economic impact of all business activities and take needed preventive or mitigating measures.
  • Respond to formal community requests and appropriate authorities and other bodies that can be of assistance
  • Manage the settlement of compensation for land acquired for company operations and for damages in a demonstrable fair, accountable and transparent manner and in accordance with statutory provisions and approved procedures
  • Smoking is not only injurious to health but it is also a potential safety hazard.
  • Smoking in public places exposes non-smokers to health related hazards; it is our responsibility at DEUTCH to protect all our employees from unnecessary exposure to hazards.
  • Therefore, it is mandatory that, the smoking of cigarettes, cigars, pipes, tobacco, or smoking of any kind be highly prohibited.

It is the policy and primary objective of DEUTCH to work satisfactorily to meet her client’s requirements by working to client’s specifications and standards.

The Quality of all jobs executed by DEUTCH will not only meet the client’s satisfaction but will stand the test of time.

Our ultimate objective and goal will be a continuous improvement towards the target of ERROR FREE work to avoid reworking with it’s attendant extra cost and time.

We will always

  • Meet the standards we set
  • Act responsibly
  • Work together by sharing information and
  • Make joint decisions to ensure satisfaction.

Each manager and supervisor has a part to play in the enhanced CASHES Management system by exhibiting good and reacting promptly and efficiently against negative attitudes.

This is the Client Quality Assurance Policy of the year 2010 and forms the basis for our operations in the future.



Taking cognizance of the interdependence, on one hand, of Health, safety, Welfare, Environment and Security goals and of good practice, the good of mankind and profitability, DEUTCH Management must therefore provide leadership in establishing safe working environment, safety conscious personnel, safe working methods, safe equipment and tools.

It is therefore the management/corporate safety policy/responsibility of DEUTCH to:

  • Establish a system of feedback on all safety matters from all levels of employees.
  • Avoid injury to employees directly involved in the work, or other persons who may be so exposed to the dangerous effects of our work.
  • Avoid damage to equipment either in transit or at site.
  • Use available skilled personnel in the discharge of contractual agreements. Such personnel having received sufficient theoretical and practical training will also undergo safety training.
  • Orientate new personnel under our control in safety related matters
  • Monitor employees work habits with a view to highlighting wrong work procedures (Unsafe act audits).
  • Maintain incident and accident investigation records, with a view to prevent subsequent reoccurrence. Also keep near-miss records and investigations thereof and report same to clients promptly.
  • Set up safety communication machinery to reach all employees.
  • Designate medical facilities to support job sites.
  • Provide Personal Protective equipment (PPE)
  • Organize regular company safety meetings.
  • Follow safety rules and statutory regulations regarding the services rendered by us.
  • Pay due regard to issues relating to the protection of the environment to ensure that the ecosystem and the environment in general are not unduly disturbed or polluted.
  • Pay due attention to the good of man including the company’s social responsibility to society, by providing adequate security to life and property, at the work places.
    DEUTCH shall therefore promote actively, high standards of safety consciousness and discipline. It will also use its best endeavors and resources to minimize and prevent accidents



  • Give the highest priority to the health, safety and security of employees, sub-contractors and members of the public.
  • Continually assess environmental impact and reduce it to a level as low as practicable.
  • Be sensitive to the need of communities.
  • Deutch Engineering and Construction Company and all her employees shall plan and perform their activities in compliance with this statement.


  • Participate openly in regulatory development
  • Integrate risk management in the business
  • Have supervisors responsible for compliance with standards
  • Have employees and sub-contractors who are competent to perform their jobs in
    line with company policies.
  • Have staff and sub-contractors maintain an open dialogue with stake holders.
  • Work in partnership with host communities on community development projects.
  • Ensure progress is measured against plans.


Deutch shall:

  • Have a systematic approach to CASHES Management designed to ensure compliance with the law to achieve continuous performance improvement.
  • Set targets for improvement, measure, appraise and report performance.
  • Require our employees to work in line with this policy.
  • Require joint ventures under its operational control to apply this policy and use its influence to promote it in its other ventures.
  • Include CASHES performance in the appraisal of all staff and rewards accordingly